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Loaded 2019 X3 X RS Turbo R in Excellent Condition 

Has been garage kept and well cared for all its life. Cleaned, inspected and maintained after every ride. Fresh oil change 10 miles ago.
Huge build / parts list below, including: EVP - Evolution Powersports Tuning (all Stages), FULL Shock Therapy Treatment (nearly everything they offer for the X3!), KWI Clutching and more. SEE below. 

Machine has 1500 miles on it and is in Excellent Condition. 

Asking $41,500 (over $30,000 invested in parts not including labor) -Delivery possible-
Call or Text  
(970) 946 7925 

Potentially a little negotiable on price, considering the removal of parts which the buyer may not be interested in. Including swapping back for stock parts in which I still have all of them. BUT, I Don’t need to sell so no, I will not entertain ridiculous lowball offers, trades, etc. 
Only letting it go because we picked up a new 4-Seater and haven’t driven the 2-seater much as we had hoped in the last year+. 
The machine drives amazing and honestly, it absolutely destroys our New 2022 Maverick X3 X Max RS Turbo RR Smart Shox in every aspect of performance, in all different terrain. I can't believe how much better the Shock Therapy suspension + IQS is than the 2022 X RS package Smart Shox. I am going to be sad to see it go but we just need the 4-seater more at this time. 

I may include the Set of 33” Tensor DSR Tires & Method 407 Wheels depending on final sale price.

Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested. *More Pictures available upon request*


2019 Can Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo R

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