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2020 Axis T23 $103,900 obo


· UPGRADED: Malibu Monsoon M6Di (high altitude) Engine $5k

· UPGRADED: Pack 3 Stereo – 12” Subwoofer / 2 10” Wet Sound Rev (Game Changer – this stereo ROCKS!!) $5k

· UPGRADED: Racks – PTM Clamping Spinner Slide Off (this is not the cheap bungee strap rack) $4.3k

· UPGRADED: Trailer – Ebony 18 in Dagger / Blue runway lights $4k

· Wedge – Power Wedge III

· Wakebox 3 tank Ballast System – HI FLO

· Surf Gate w/Axis Surfband

· Axis Warrantee Option: 2 years 9 months 


This is a spectacular boat that is a family magnet!! So many awesome memories in this beautiful boat. It produces the most incredible wave that will blow your mind. This T23 has been meticulously cleaned, stored inside and taken care of. It runs like it is brand new with an awesome upgraded M6Di engine. If you are looking at enhancing your boating experience, make sure you invest in an awesome stereo. This has the Pack 3 which is the best that Axis/Malibu has to offer. It is a huge gamechanger that will make you smile the whole time out on the lake. It is 23 ½ foot long that has seating for 16 people. It only has 254 hrs on it. Look closely at the other Axis boats for sale, they do not have the “must have” upgrades that this boat has. 


The only reason we are selling it is because we are looking at ordering a 2023 Axis.


Located in St George Utah

Call/Text (801)725-7860

2020 Axis T23

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