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With under 18k miles, this truck is like new. It’s got all the bells and whistles. From the heated/cooling seats and heated steering wheel, to the automatic tailgate. The adjustable HUD on the windshield will make you feel like you are driving the Batmobile. Full 360 degree camera view, with VERY helpful cameras whilst towing and parking. Never again will you struggle to back your hitch up to a trailer. Speaking of towing, It pulls my boat like there is nothing on there. The 3500 when properly equipped, is capable of towing 35,550 lb. With an 8” lift, the truck is HUGE and it looks very cool, so all the pretty girls will give you compliments. And, now that you finally have some girls to ride around with, you can show them the beautiful interior; which includes a Bose speaker system, and it sounds VERY good. No additional subwoofer needed! Country music just sounds better when sitting in this truck. Driving this might cause you to fall in love with it. Plenty of upgrades not listed Shoot me a text if I don’t answer your call at 435-879-1362

2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

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