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Help Me!! Help Me! Help Me! I live in this Old Broken Biker Mama’s garage covered up and on a battery juicer. I’m made to have bugs on my windshield and miles in the saddle. I’m her fourth (and favorite) Harley and I don’t even have 1,000 miles. The Old Mama has a broken ankle and shoulder from a couple of years ago and can no longer enjoy her passion for riding. I’m ready for my first checkup but the Old Mama doesn’t want to get dust or bugs on me. My body and engine and all my innards are factory but the Old Mama added a luggage rack with a back rest, and the cutest mustache engine guard to match my black frame. My engine is 114 with remote start and key to lock saddlebags. My title is free and clear and the Old Mama will except cash only or if its possible she will you meet you at your bank for a cashier check. She won’t let you test ride me but you are welcome to come check out my beautiful Midnight Crimson and Stonewash White Pearl color with locking saddlebags. So please buy me so I can enjoy the yellow ribbon passing under my rubber and eating those bugs on my windshield.

 Brighton, CO

Call  (303) 549-0615


2021 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage

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