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ASC longtravel sandcar for sale

• Turnkey LS2

• Mendeola s4 sequential just opened up and gone through one trip on it with receipt

• howe 2.5 power rack just had rebuilt by Howe

• tatum midboard hubs just rebuilt by AG sandcars

• one side has new inner cv body and cage

• 934 cvs 33 spline axels

• Fox coilovers all four corners

• Fox 2.5 bypass up front 3.0 bypass in the rear

• bump stops in the rear

• new baja designs amber lights up front

• New pilot bearing and throwout bearing

• new clutch plate in the Kennedy 9 inch stage four clutch and flywheel was turned

• 2” hollow hubs up front

• lowrance GPS

• intercom and car to car

I am hoping to upgrade to 17” wheels and the bigger tires if i do that price will go up a bit. I also have an appointment to have AG sandcars do a new roof panel to come down just over the rollcage, will look alot cleaner.



ASC Long Travel Sand Car

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