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One of a kind Prowlers Long Travel that I have spent the last 6 years refining, low maintenance and super reliable. Located in Ramona CA 

130 in wheel base 36 in long trailing arms

2 in hollow spindles 

Crate LSA with Pullies running E85 Fragola PTFE lines, Injector Dynamic 1300 XDS around 14Psi, reinforced intercooler brick, 630ftLbs at 3000 rpm pulls very hard out of every bowl HP/TQ is instant and linear GM harness, ECM and Fuse block

S4 PBS sequential trans, pump 1 season on rebuild 

934 CVs 33 spline axles 

Switch Pro 8 postion, Oil, water, boost, voltage and fuel pressure guages. 

Rugged radio and intercom (BT)

Whipsandshyt ball bearing shifter

Electric steering

4 Baja Designs Xl 80s 

All shocks have adjusters

10.75 front tire 15 in rim

DuneSport 14.50 rear tire (Funco tire)17 in rim comp cut (save 11lbs per tire)

Overall dimensions

Rear 91 wide with paddles 

Front 88 wide

Nose to tail 168


Call or Text (858)692-7211

Prowlers Sand Car (2 Seat)

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