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Torc ready/Race ready Pro-lite. Built by Stamper for Chad Hord Racing. Maintained by Lovell Racing. Fresh Pro Power motor, fresh transmission(s) and enough spares to race a complete race season.
Mychron updated data system. New Brembo complete brake system.

Spares: ATD transmission. Spare rear end, 4 torque converters, 16 rims, 2 lower/ 2 upper A-arms, 3 uprights, 3rd member (5.83, 4.86, 5.0 4.57), 2 complete sets spotter radios, 3 passenger doors, 10 driver side bedsides, 6 passenger side bedsides, 4 driver side doors, 2 roofs. 1 3rd link, radiator, 2 axles , 1 trailing arm, fan, 3 sets borla exhaust headers plus many more misc parts!

 (209) 606-0829 

Stamper/Hord Pro Lite

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